DCO Software - Accounting

Accounting is split into income/expense accounts, the administration of cash books, and many different reports and statistics.



Income-/Expense Lists clearing You can very simply edit and clear income and expense lists.
in order to have documentation about the clearings, the system automatically prints a clearing report. 
Single bookings Of course you can even clear single bookings. For these single entries there is no automatically generated report.
Accounting For each account you can get a very fast balance overview and can easily open the booking list. The system automatically compares the balances with the previous year. 

Cash books


You can open as many cash books as you need, not necessarily actual cash accounts but also books for your bank accounts and credit card accounts. 

There is a function to only check the cash books and others where you can clear cash bookings.

Other functions You will find many more functions (like budget management), reports and statistics.
If you want to find out more about these functions you can just download your trial version today.



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