DCO Software - Item Management, Stock and Maintenance Controlling

The item management and stock controlling is an essential part of DCO Software. Some of the functions are:


Items and Services We are dealing with two different types of items: stock items and services (unlimited availability)
For all stock items the actual stock will be calculated automatically. 
Commissions for instructors, the hotel/resort and the sales agents can be set up on every single item and service.
Rules To simplify the invoicing of guests you can define rules regarding how items will be recalculated before doing the final invoice. It's possible to reduce prices automatically if a diver have done a certain amount of dives or you can automatically group single dives into a dive package. 
Deliveries When you receive a delivery you can just fill a list with the items obtained and clear the list in one go. The stock of the items will be increased automatically and the expenses for the delivery will be transfered to the accounting system.  
Lost and Damaged Equipment Lost and damaged items can be removed from the stock with a special function which is very easy to use.   
Inventory DCO offers you the possibility to do a monthly inventory to find out about missing stock items on a regular basis.  
Maintenance Maintenance of rental equipment is primordial. DCO controls these maintenance intervals and shows you when you have to do maintenance for each item.  
More Other functions about items, stock and maintenance you can check directly from our trial version  


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