DCO Software - Addresses and Guests

The addresses and guests part within DCO Enterprise software offers many different functions to administrate addresses, entering check-in/out and much more. Here a few of these functions:

Address management The administration of addresses can be used not only for customers but also for suppliers and other addresses. 
If you enter divers you can add their equipment, diver certificates and settings. If they are regular guests or members you can use these settings to administrate discounts for these type of customers.
Check-In Check-In is a very easy function. If there is a repeat guest you just enter his name and get the data from the system by default, before proceeding you can just check and update any changes. Checking in a new customer is just as easy. 

In addition to personal data, you may add the visiting time, tour operator he brought you a voucher from, the customer's hotel and room number, etc.

You can add information about pick-up and return times for arrival and departure transfer organisation.

Guests Within the guests administration you'll find all important functions necessary to administrate and do the invoicing for said guests. 
On the first page you see a list of all actual guests and after clicking on the one you want to administrate you see different folders with other functions pertaining to the address, visit, sales, invoice, dives, courses, etc.
  In the folder "Invoice" you can just add, edit and remove any information on the customer invoice. Automatic recalculation, check-out and invoice printing is also available here.
Every user who has the access rights to this section can complete the full guest admin and invoicing in one go. More about the access rights can be found here.
  Under the tab "payments" you can add as many client payments as required. You can set up the types of payments by yourself. The system can evidently handle foreign currencies. 
Sales This function is similar to the guest administration but reduces the functionality to sales only and leaves out other administration functions.
Check-Out Checking out a customer means a possible recalculation of the invoice, printing of the invoice, entering the payments and finalizing (closing) the invoice.
Other functions Other functions and many reports can be used. To list them all here would be too much. Just get your own trial version to find out about these additional functions and reports. 
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