DCO Marketing Tools - Scuba Logbook

Scuba Logbook is an online platform for divers, instructors and diving schools. It is independent of any training organisation and offers many advantages:

Some of the key points are:

  • Personal Logbook
  • Buddies can write and stamp the logged dives for each other
  • Administration of Diving Certificates
  • Administration of Medicals
  • Authorization of Certificates by Instructors or Dive Centres
  • Authorization of Medicals by Instructors or Dive Centres
  • An optional Scuba-Logbook-Card which makes it redundant to carry all the printed logbook, certifications and medical records to any remote places. The dive center can check online with the QR-Code on this SLB card the actual status and autorizations concerning dives, certificates and medicals.

DCO Enterprise Software is able to communicate directly with Scuba Logbook. Dives from customers can be exported directly into the online logbook of the client.

Another advantage will be that a fully automated check-in with Scuba-Logbook is available in DCO Software. The personal data details can be imported during the check in automatically (this function can be blocked by the logbook owner).


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